• General

  • How long does it take to get stickers?

    Our standard turn around time is 4-6 business days. Some of our specialty vinyl products require additional production time, please refer to the product page for more information. Need it sooner? Select a rush option!

  • What are the rush options?

    Need it ninja fast? We got you! The options are available at check out, in the shipping section. 1 business day rush- 100% mark up, 2 business day- 75%, 3 business day- 50%. Need it same day? We mayyyyy be able to help you out! Give us a call or email us your artwork to get the ball rolling! Please note this does not include shipping time.

  • Why is my total zero?

    Turns out web development is super expensive. Adding all those custom variables is more complicated than you might think! We will invoice you once you place your order!

  • Are your stickers UV protected?

    They sure are! Our stickers are UV protected for outdoor use, good up to 3 years.

  • Are your stickers waterproof?

    Yup! They don't mind the water at all.

  • Are your stickers durable?

    All the yes! We've tested our stickers in a number of rough and tumble situations ;)

  • What size sticker should I get?

    3" is a great size! We can print and cut to any custom size you want though!

  • Can I get a discount?

    The more stickers you get printed, the cheaper they get ;) If you're looking for promo codes, follow us on Instagram or join our mailing list.

  • What file format should I use?

    jpg, png, pdf, eps, tiff. Expand all your fonts!

  • How high quality should my file be?

    As high as possible works best. Our printer prints at 720 x 1440 dpi.

  • Can you design my graphic for me?

    We have several talented graphic designers we can recommend to you! Sadly, we don't have the bandwidth to create graphics.

  • But what if I just need text on my sticker?

    Text based art is a huge part of graphic design ;)

  • Where are you located?

    518 SE 76th ave. Portland OR 97215 - Come say hi and get some free stickers!

  • Custom Orders

  • Do you do custom sizes?

    Heck yeah! We can totally print whatever size you want. We have custom options on all of our products.

  • Is it cheaper to do black and white?

    Nope! Use as many colors you like!

  • What else can you make?

    All sorts of stuff!!! This website is constantly evolving and we love making stuff. Send us a request if you need a product you don't see online.

  • What is your minimum quantity?

    Each product page will list out the minimal quantity amount. Amounts vary due to the amount of production required for each product.

  • Can you print just one sticker?

    A lot of time and work goes into turning your art into stickers, sadly we have minimums on the amount of stickers we can make. Very large stickers (like our Honkin' Big Stickers!) are offered with a minimum of one! We offer sample runs if you just want a handle of stickers!


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